Pellon 975P Insulated-Fleece

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Width 18″x58

Use in place of batting or other stabilizers in purses, bags, totes and more. Great lasting body and stability. Lightweight, Maintains shape, Gives a professional finish to your project! The only foam with fabric on BOTH sides Washer and dryer safe. Measures 18in x 58in x .175in thick

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Insul-Fleece™ is made from polyester fibers which are needle punched into a metalized Mylar® which reflects back to the source heat or cold*. It is soft and comfortable for use in clothing as well as home décor and accessories. Insul-Fleece™ can be sewn through and, once sewn, is machine washable and dryable. Keeps hot things hot longer and cool things cool longer.
  • *If you plan to use the Insul-Fleece™ in a project that will come in contact with any object over 400? we recommend that you place a layer or two of cotton batting between the
  • Insul-Fleece™ and the fabric that will come in contact with the hot object. This will help prevent the Polyester in the Insul-Fleece™ from melting.
  • *Insul-Fleece™ is not heat proof or fire resistant
  • *As Insul-Fleece™ is made of 6.25% Metalized Mylar, it should never be used in the microwave.

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Weight .25 lbs

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